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Battle For Tilly-Sur-Seulles Part 2

The initial attack on Saint Pierre is a brilliant canvas on which to play our first Wargaming Holidays event on. It's nothing short of iconic and we cannot wait to tell you all about it.

In our last article, we spoke about how the 8th Durham Light Infantry barged their way into Saint Pierre. This halted a massive counter attack by the Panzer Lehr and 12th SS division as they feared losing the main road from Tilly-Sur-Seulles into Caen.

In this article we're looking at the first game of the weekend in more detail.Exploding into action with Game 1


Your weekend starts at Saint Pierre, this sleepy hamlet suddenly becomes alive in Game 1. The plucky 8th Durham Light Infantry supported by the 24th Lancers are charging into Saint Pierre and it is up to the 901st Panzer Grenadier Regiment to stop them. If they fail, the 8th Durham lose all surprise and the 901st are able to reinforce with Panthers, Tigers and other German tanks; but if they succeed, they'll be able to dig in and attempt to hold it long enough for support to arrive.

As participants at Wargaming Holidays, it is up to you to choose the approach, the supports and overall strategy that will bring you victory. We've already spoken about the 8th Durham Light Infantry, so lets now have a look at the other units involved.

24th Lancers

The 24th Lancers of the 8th Armoured Brigade joined the assault in Saint Pierre. They were the only armoured support the 8th Durham Light Infantry had and realising that between that mornings' fog and the superior German armour picking them apart at long range, they had only one choice; join the infantry in the assault on the hamlet. Here they fought in the streets and orchards, pushing forward so as to secure the key objective that was the church.

The fox of the 8th Armoured stands next to their arms of service number 995. Attention to detail is everything here at Wargaming Holidays
and thus these are the exact colours the 24th Lancers would've worn to battle.

The 24th Lancers as seen above, drove the famous Sherman tank, with each platoon having 3 Sherman Mark Vs and a Sherman Firefly. They were identified by the yellow squadron markings, the 8th Brigade Fox emblem and the arms of service 995 with the white line underneath. 

The 24th Lancers fought bravely in the battle for Tilly-Sur-Seulles, ensuring that no matter what Nazi Germany would throw at them, the 8th Durham Light Infantry would prevail. Players of our Tilly-Sur-Seulles event will be able to take these hardy tankers into battle, commanding an entire platoon of Sherman tanks in the opening encounters. Against such fearsome opposition as Panzer V Panthers, it'll be up to the cunning and luck of their commanders to secure victory, much as it was on the 9th June. 901st Panzer Grenadier Regiment


The 901st Panzer Grenadier regiment of the 1st Battalion Panzer Lehr was an elite fighting force that had been drafted from experienced training and demonstration units. It was then equipped with a massive number of tanks, the most modern within the German army, artillery and weapons. It is not dramatic to say that the Panzer Lehr was, during 1944, the best equipped German division in the war. 

On the 9th June, it was the 901st Panzer Grenadier regiment that battled against the 8th Durham Light Infantry and the 24th Lancers. Whilst the majority of their forces were pushing north with the rest of the counter attack, these soldiers gave as good as they received, inflicting massive casualties on the 8th Durham and destroying a large number of Sherman tanks. 


Whilst reports aren't totally clear on the matter, the 901st would've had access to a huge array of supporting tanks (Albeit the majority of the Panthers and Tanks had yet to arrive in Normandy!). 

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